We offer a year-long guarantee on all talent.

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Our thorough selection and vetting process provides you with sales & marketing talent that produce outstanding results.

We work with small and medium-sized companies with SaaS, AI, Data, Cyber, ML and IoT to identify and place top-tier sales, sales leadership, sales engineering, and marketing talent.

CEO’s, CRO’s, CMO’s, VC’s, and PE’s can expect to receive high quality, results-driven sales, and marketing professionals.

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Build Your Best Sales Team. Guaranteed.

We offer a year-long guarantee on all talent. When you work with us, you’re going to find exactly the right team members to help you accomplish your goals.

Our process-driven techniques and strategies are built with a focus on urgency and thoroughness, so that you are getting exactly what you need as quickly as possible.

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Our Recruiting Expertise

We work with VC’s, PE’s, Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Chief Revenue Officers (CRO), Chief Sales Officers (CSO), Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Head of Sales, VP of Sales, Director of Sales and Direct of Solutions Engineering to provide the best possible sales and marketing candidates available.

Executive & Leadership

  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
  • VP/Director/Head of Sales
  • Director, Solutions Engineering
  • Director, Sales Enablement
  • Director, Sales Development
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • VP, Growth
  • Director, Demand Generation

Individual Contributor

  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Mid-Market Account Executive
  • Emerging Account Executive
  • SLED Account Executive
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager

What Our Clients Say

Kate and Todd are some of the best sales recruiters I've worked with for a variety of reasons. Great team. Great candidates so far, they've made the entire process painless and very productive. Would highly recommend them.

Caroline Kirby-Madden / SVP of Sales and Go To Market / Zone & Co (SaaS)
Caroline Kirby-Madden
CRO, Chief Revenue Officer, Insight Partners, Zone & Co (SaaS)

Thanks for your help this year. You guys have been great partners.

Nick Latz - Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) - HST Pathways
Nick Latz
CRO, Chief Revenue Officer, Bain Capital & HST Pathways

Trusted by VC, PE, and Small-Medium SaaS / AI / Data / Cyber / ML / IoT

Google’s Book “Work Rules” On Hiring

Google’s book “Work Rules” was written by their former VP of People. They crunched an amazing amount of data and found some really interesting points that pertain to hiring the right talent.

Warren Buffet’s Advice on Hiring

I was listening to a podcast on one of my morning walks (living life in the fast lane, I know) and came across this and thought it was interesting.

“Nine Lies About Work” – Book Review

Hi there! Todd here, lead sales recruiter at SaaS Sales Talent. I just finished reading Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall’s “Nine Lies About Work,” and found it really interesting.

Teaching You How We Screen Your Candidates

Hi there! Todd here. This is a question we get asked a lot from our CRO-level convos: “Tell me exactly how you screen.” …

The Only Two Hiring Mistakes Ever Made

This concept comes from another one of my morning walk/podcast sessions. Again just living the life over here 🤓… The concept was shared by Chamath Palihapitiya, very successful VC, worth over $1B.. so definitely a smart guy…in his interview with Lex Friedman.

We Provide Proven Sales & Marketing Talent. Guaranteed.

We offer a year-long guarantee on all talent.

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