Our Recruiting Agency Provides Proven sales & marketing Talent. guaranteed.

Because we’re solely focused on sales and marketing talent within SaaS / AI / Data / Cyber / ML / IoT and use a thorough vetting process, our recruiting agency is able to find you the right talent that will lead to your long-term success.

Our agency has solved the problem of poorly recruited sales & marketing talent with our proactive and thorough process.

Hiring the wrong person for the job is costly. Poorly recruited sales talent leads to higher turnover, sagging morale, and a loss of effectiveness.

Our thorough interview and follow-up process enables our recruiting agency  to gain valuable insight into how candidates might perform, so you receive quality sales talent that is right for your team and produces meaningful results. Your team will be altogether happier. Watch your retention and sales rates go through the roof!

Our 3 Core Values.

This is what we live by.

Do work you enjoy.

Do work that seems like work to others, but doesn’t seem like work to you. Do work that feels like play to you, but looks like work to others. Do things you find interesting, that you find intellectually stimulating, that you find meaningful. Have fun. Be into what you are doing. Do work you find engaging. Fun, flow, and engagement. 80/20 it, 80% of the work is enjoyable, 20% is the stuff you don’t like that allows you to do the 80%. Master your craft. Be nerdily into what you are doing. Work for the sake of work itself. Do work you enjoy.

Do right by others.

Really show up for others. Put their needs first. Really focus on what is a win for others. Be in integrity. Be honest. Treat them how you would want to be treated. Play the long game. Focus on giving not getting. But also make sure you get so that you can continue to show up and give to others. Derive pleasure from seeing others win and be successful and happy. Put yourself in their shoes, and do what you would want done. Do right by others.

Lead yourself first.

Take care of you, so that you can show up. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise. Self-care and showup. Take ownership of you. Take ownership of your life. Look at what you are focusing on. Should you focus on that? Look at what you are telling yourself is true. Is it serving you? Look at your wiring. Be self-aware. Look in the mirror, you are your best resource. Resourceful, not resources. Therapy. Coaching. Podcasts. Books. Good friends that listen. Mentors. Grow. Learn. Put your oxygen mask on first. Work hard AND be lazy. Find what works for you. Lead yourself first.

Meet Our Sales & Marketing Recruiting Agency

Todd Patrick Dorsey

Sales Leadership & Sales Engineering Recruiter SaaS/AI/Data/Cyber/ML/IoT 

Todd has been in recruiting for 10 years and running searches for small-medium SaaS / AI / Data / Cyber / ML / IoT companies, private, VC and PE-backed for the last 8 years.  He has recruited entire sales and marketing org chart numerous times over. 

Kate Dorsey

Sales & Marketing Recruiter


Kate comes from a psychology and coaching background. With roots in therapy and human development, Kate is excellent at interviewing  and screening for the exact personality and attributes needed. She has filled entire sales and marketing org charts numerous times over. 

What Our Clients Say

Kate and Todd are some of the best sales recruiters I've worked with for a variety of reasons. Great team. Great candidates so far, they've made the entire process painless and very productive. Would highly recommend them.

Caroline Kirby-Madden / SVP of Sales and Go To Market / Zone & Co (SaaS)
Caroline Kirby-Madden
CRO, Chief Revenue Officer, Insight Partners, Zone & Co (SaaS)

Thanks for your help this year. You guys have been great partners.

Nick Latz - Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) - HST Pathways
Nick Latz
CRO, Chief Revenue Officer, Bain Capital & HST Pathways

Have a critical sales role to fill?

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