Essentialism, Book Review

Hi there! Todd here. This was another life-changing book for me. I feel like I have said that too much.. but seriously it has been. I am going to breakdown the core concept of the entire book, why it is useful and how to apply it to your life and your team.

Core Concept

You get farther and produce better results in work by focusing on one thing and not spreading yourself too thin. Please see below very riveting graphic.

You can have a very simple business and life, and still be successful.

We have been sold a narrative that the way to be successful is by doing 1,000 things and making things extremely complex and diffcult and elaborate. As the saying of the great Alex Hormozi.. “simple scales, fancy fails.” Most of your gains are going to come from really simplifying and focusing on 1-2 things and really moving the needle there.


I know there are “tasting” or “exploratory” phases of life. Where you don’t know what you want and you aren’t clear and you are trying to do 100 things and spreading yourself thin, and that is an important part of the process. Just once you do find what works for you.. you want to start really narrowing down and eliminating everything that isn’t serving your goal.

The main way I have been using this book

You are likely already doing this, but it’s a good reminder. In our business and on our team, I have been asking…

“What is the main bottleneck here? What is the main constraint here?”

And then making sure that all of my focus is on that main leverage point. Now granted once I solve that bottleneck, it opens up a new one, so we are constantly shifting the focus, but it starts by asking that question. (This question came from Alex Hormozi who I mentioned before.)

Closing Thoughts.

Hope biz/work/life etc are all going well! If you ever want to chat about recruiting.. You know where to find us!

Sincerely, Todd Patrick Dorsey

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