Google’s Book “Work Rules” On Hiring

Google's book "Work Rules" was written by their former VP of People. They crunched an amazing amount of data and found some really interesting points that pertain to hiring the right talent.

The 7 most interesting data points from Google’s book “Work Rules”…

  • The best predictor of how someone will perform in a job is a work sample test. Having them perform the actual work and measuring it.
  • 2nd best predictor of performance is a test of general cognitive abilities. General IQ test.
  • 3rd best predictor is structured interview. Questions with clear criteria and assessment of responses.
  • They found that 4 interviews was all that was needed to accurately predict someone’s performance. Anymore than 4 was a waste.
  • Academic performance did not predict job performance beyond first 2-3 years after college.
  • Best source of hires was referrals. 2nd best was recruiting/headhunting
  • Google spends twice as much as their competitors on recruiting

There were plenty more points, but these were the best, plus I didn’t want to put you to sleep. 😴 If you ever need help with sales or marketing recruiting, you know where to find us! Hope all is well at your end! Sincerely, Todd Patrick Dorsey

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