Our candidate search FIRM and Interview process deliverS thoroughly amazing results.

As a sales and marketing search firm, we use a comprehensive interview process to gain valuable insight into a candidate’s background and goals, providing you with a great match to your culture and the work.

In-Depth Interviews

Our interview process begins by spending time framing opportunities to sales and marketing candidates so that they respond openly and honestly their ideal position, the type of environment they want to work in, and especially the type of people they’ll work alongside. We gain a greater understanding for what candidates are trying to achieve in their SaaS, AI, Data, Cyber, ML or IoT career and provide you with a significantly better match for your culture, the team, and the work. Having these early conversations before investing in a lengthy interview process provides a higher pool of quality candidates that we’ll present, and eliminate those simply looking for more money.

Understanding Candidate Motivation

Understanding why a candidate is looking for a new job enables us our sales and marketing search firm to comprehend the drivers in a job search, like their motivation and what they find rewarding. Discovering what they value and think is important and helps us identify candidates that are a great fit for your role, the challenge, the team, and the company culture.

Audience, Solution, and Size

We use these three levers to properly adjust the number of prospects to be competitive by determining experience selling to the same audience, using a similar solution, and with a comparably sized company. Leadership and specialty roles focus on how they have solved similar types of problems, whereas Sales Representatives and Sales and Marketing Support Staff target their depth of experience in SaaS, AI, Data, Cyber, ML or IoT .

Identifying Candidate Life Factors

We feel that it’s important as a sales and marketing search firm to use this time as a coaching moment to determine if this is the right time for someone to accept a new challenge. We account for factors like family situation, time in their life and career, their relationships, and even the compensation they’re looking to earn. The benefit this provides you is that the prospective talent has already thought through the decision and is fully onboard.

Protect Against Counteroffers

It’s not enough to simply offer someone a high salary and expect them to be successful in that role for any length of time. The thoroughness of our efforts filter through their motivation, discusses their work background, and identifies ideal life factors so that when you do present an offer, they’ll answer with a resounding, “Yes!”

Delivering the highest probability for successful placements is our mission.

Weekly Status Updates and Compensation Analysis

Transparency and accountability take center stage as we deliver accurate market data on emerging candidates, so that you can provide a well-informed and great offer to the best sales and marketing talent.

Not just a search firm – Our weekly status updates document what has been accomplished for your role, and includes everyone we are talking with, shows compensation analysis, contains detailed notes on their experience, and provides information regarding benefits packages.

Have a critical sales role to fill?

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